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Sandro Vecchio’s is a founding partner at the law firm Degni & Vecchio in Geneva. His main areas of expertise are business litigation and advising executives and companies. He regularly carries out administrative and internal investigations on behalf of public law entities and private companies. Sandro acts in matters of criminal, administrative and civil liability of managers and companies, in shareholder disputes, labour disputes, reputation and media crises, audit compliance, etc.

Sandro  is recognized as an experienced litigator and a go-to person as investigator in various specialised international trade journals. He is an SBA (Swiss Bar Association) certified mediator a adjunct lecturer at the University of Geneva (BarSchool – Oral Expression), a member of the Council of the Geneva Bar Association and a deputy judge at the Administrative First Instance Court.


Anne Laure Bandle is the director of the Art Law Foundation and an attorney-at-law at the law firm Borel & Barbey in Geneva. She advises individuals and corporations in all aspects related to works of art, entertainment, copyright, contracts, estate planning, foundations and trusts. Moreover, Anne Laure is a lecturer in copyright, art and entertainment law at the University of Fribourg, a lecturer in art and philanthropy at the University of Geneva and a guest lecturer in art and cultural heritage law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Anne Laure holds a PhD in law from the University of Geneva. Her PhD deals with the misattribution of art at auction and was jointly supervised by Professor Tatiana Flessas of the LSE and Professor Marc-André Renold, Director of the Art-Law Centre, University of Geneva and published by Edward Elgar Publishing.