Co-Founder & President

Melissa is a 6th generation precious stone and jewellery dealer. She earned her Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. With her diploma in hand, Melissa moved to Geneva, Switzerland, briefly working with her father and then joining the jewellery department at Christie’s where she was an intern, followed by working between the jewellery department and the office of the President. After two years she moved on to work for de Grisogono as a gemstone buyer for the jewellery and watch collections.

In 2001 Melissa joined her family business, Golay Fils & Stahl, where she travels the world buying and selling gems and jewels.

Melissa is a member of the ethics committee and part of the executive board of the Association Suisse de Négociants en Pierres Précieuses (ASNP) and an active member of various industry associations.


If you get, give. If you learn, teach.

 Maya Angelou

The Glitterati is a non-profit association aiming to create synergy amongst women in the jewellery and watch industry through support, education, and mentoring.

Amongst its activities, The Glitterati

Supports and informs its members with quarterly newsletters featuring Inspiring Women, interviews, GlitteratiGirl guest edits and exhibition information with occasional email blasts and social media promotion upon request.


Organises conferences and webinars with  discussions on various topics,  featuring Inspiring Women from all arenas of the jewellery and watch industry.

Maybe even an inspiring man or two!

Mentorship Everyone starts somewhere, and we are committed to our members growth. Many of us were privileged to start our careers working alongside some of the industry’s most talented people and realise the importance of paying that privilege forward. The Glitterati has put together a mentorship committee compiled of women with vast experience in a variety of areas of the industry, speaking several languages.In creating small working groups or one to one teams, we hope to connect seasoned professionals with less experienced members to create an environment where all can flourish.



The Glitterati is inclusive to women of all ages and tenures of the jewellery and watch industry. From CEO’s to interns alike, there is a membership type for everyone.


Our goal is to be inclusive of people working in all positions with all incomes, all while considering the established membership criteria.


3 consecutive years of employment in the industry




3 consecutive years as a director or owner of an active registered company


 Industry references and/or a member connection

Please note, all applications are subject to approval

- Individual Membership -

Memberships for professional individuals irrelevant of their position or employer.

Chf. 180.- per year

This membership includes events

- Corporate Member -

Memberships for professionals within a structure where more than 1 person seeks membership. Fees are on a sliding scale starting from 2 members.

Starting at Chf. 340.- for 2

This membership includes events

- International Member -  

Memberships for people not in Switzerland/Europe who will likely not attend events but wish to benefit from other advantages of membership.

Chf. 75.- per year

Events not included

- Mentorship Member -  

Memberships for people who have been in the industry for less than 3 years who  feel they would benefit from working with our mentorship committee as well as other advantages of membership.

No membership fees

Events not included


The Glitterati

1 Place des Bergues

CH-1201 Geneva


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