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A historic townhouse in Geneva that will host a unique experience around jewellery and objects - a place to be.


First the setting: Maison Belmont is a special place. A townhouse, located in the Eaux-Vives area of Geneva, Switzerland dating back to 1911. I absolutely fell in love with its history, details, and strong character. After re-furbishment, this confidential address will host surrealist and exuberant Parisian interior designer Vincent Darré's made-to-measure work; a hand-painted fresco and unique pieces of furniture. The private house will have salons where I will welcome guests on appointment and host events as well as short conferences and workshops. The aim is to offer an exclusive and out-of-the box spirit and experiences.

The poetic and inspiring decor will exhibit unique pieces of jewellery that I design and manufacture with the best ateliers in Geneva. This aspect is all about crafting jewels that reflect my imagination and creative instincts. Inspired by the Renaissance period, architecture and decorative design, kinetic jewellery and colourful gemstones are part of the brand identity. Beyond jewels, I’m also an object lover, and it will be reflected throughout the house with a curated selection of antique objects and homeware, each with their own story to tell. At Maison Belmont you will find a world where objects stand on their own looking for a new home in which to shine their light.

L-R: Sarah Mugnier with designer Vincent Darré, Maison Belmont's emblematic octagonal print, Maison Belmont Memento Mori rings in different variations of couloured stones & enamel.


While refurbishing this period house from 1911, I wanted the best in craftsmanship to reflect not only the home itself but the luxurious items it will showcase. I believe that colour instantly makes people happy and that is reflected throughout the house and the objects within it. At Maison Belmont, guests will be welcomed into a world that invites them to dream and travel all while introducing them to precious jewellery, fascinating decorative objects and special antiques.


Passionate about jewels and gemstones since childhood and after 15 years working in the luxury industry, I felt it was the right time to bring my own designs to light. Creativity has always been with me, and I guess designers just need all the stars to align and timing to show their work to the world.


I am passionate about objects – jewellery of course, but it doesn't stop there. Since I was a small child, I have been aware of the world of art, heritage, and know-how. Immersed in a multi-cultural context, I soon developed tremendous curiosity for art history, costume jewellery and decorative objects. I also observed my mother and saw how happy it made her to wear it, how a very personal and emotional precious object brings so much joy! Driven by a desire to express myself without limits, I decided to create my own jewellery house, hoping that my pieces would bring such joy to their wearers.

I felt that Geneva is the perfect place to enjoy a private salon showcased amongst beautiful things, where one can enjoy jewellery, antique objects and homeware, offering a fresh approach in this international city which is already home to not only several jewellery events throughout the year, but also dealers who have exquisite gemstones and antique jewellery.

Even though my vision was clear, I knew that making the jump into entrepreneurship and having my own business would be challenging. Passion is the drive, dedication a motto, perseverance and patience are key. The part I enjoy the most about creating the Maison Belmont universe is the design process of the jewels, but also building my community with craftsmen, suppliers and clients, all creative people, is what lifts me up everyday.

Tailor made experiences; this is our strength. Spending time together to get to know our guests’ personalities, dreams and desires so that our jewels can mirror these very things. The jewellery world is full of diverse and passionate people, Maison Belmont is about meeting people that can exchange ideas, share their passion and nourish the relationships that unite us. Maison Belmont is a way of life.

Maison Belmont will be opening in November 2022 and I can't wait to welcome you very soon to host events full of surprises. Let’s be curious, inspired, joyful and creative - together!

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