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  • Melissa Wolfgang Amenc



The Parisian art market has a new kid on the block: Maurice Auction. An independent auction house launched in early 2022 specialising in luxury goods and 20th and 21st century art. Maurice Auction is female-founded and run by The Glitterati’s very own Marie-Laurence Tixier and Salomé Pirson, both auctioneers. Maurice, a nod to the famous auctioneer, art historian and novelist Maurice Rheims - who modernised the art market during the last century - was a great source of inspiration to Marie-Laurence and Salomé over the years, his name naturally came to mind when embarking on their entrepreneurial adventure.

With Maurice Auction comes a much-needed breath of fresh air. Infused with modernity, accessibility and innovation, combined with a commitment to the creation of strong and lasting bonds, they are able to provide tailor-made service to their clients. Thanks to their experience in major Parisian auction houses and in the most important jewellery houses on Place Vendôme, Salomé Pirson and Marie-Laurence Tixier have created strong relationships with a French and international clientele.

"The auction industry is at the top of its game in France, and in particular Paris, has a place as a player in the global art market. We not only want to contribute but bring with us the wind of change." - Salomé Pirson

At Maurice, no detail goes unnoticed; these ladies cultivate a certain “art de vivre” and select only the most desirable pieces exclusively from private collections. Less is more, but also, less but beautiful is the motto at Maurice. One could easily assume that when you combine exclusive items and small, detail-oriented sales you also get only big-ticket lots with matching estimates, well... au contraire mon frère! Salomé and Marie-Laurence will tell you 'til they're blue in the face: they want to make this world accessible to you. Smaller, more refined sales are a sign of the times and very much in tune the eco-friendly philosophy at Maurice.

With Maurice we want to make art and beautiful objects accessible. We think that buying at auction is both a responsible and qualitative way to collect and consume today. We wish to share our "art de vivre" with our clients." Marie-Laurence Tixier

We all know that the pandemic majorly boosted digital sales. The inability to do things in person forced companies to make their online presence into a more user friendly experience, and if you hadn't ever bought something online before 2020, most of you have by now. Maurice organises online auctions which are relayed on international platforms and live auctions are organised as tailor-made events, both with the best possible customer experience in mind. They're first online sale of prints and photographs closed March 8th and was sold 80% by lot, with many items selling above the high estimates. Strong start! Their next online sale, wine, will be this month and a live Jewellery sale followed by Lifestyle & Design, also a live sale,in June.

On most days, you'll find Salomé and Marie-Laurence in their offices at 60 rue de la Boétie in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, otherwise they'll be at one of the scheduled valuation days they have organised throughout France.

To find out more about Salomé & Marie-Laurence and stay on top of their auction calendar, check out their website or follow them on Instagram @maurice_auction

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