The Glitterati X Chanel Joaillerie

December 3, 2020


Although the fashion revolution started by Gabrielle Chanel at the beginning of the 20th Century is well known, her influence on high jewellery is a bit more mysterious. Together, Vanessa Cron, Independant Jewellery Historian & Marianne Etchebarne, Global Head of Watches and Fine Jewellery Product Marketing, Clients and Communication at Chanel, will take you through the history of this fascinating jewellery house from the first jewels in the 1930s up to the latest iconic collections.

Get ready for many surprises, unexpected stories and an overload of timeless style…

Cocktails, Glitz & Glamour
February 11, 2021




David Bowie was the poster boy for androgynous glam-rock and Diane Von Furstenberg just designed the now-iconic wrap dress that took you from your desk to Studio 54 where Bianca rolled in on a stallion and Diana tore up the floor.

But the real question is... what kind of jewellery were they wearing ?


Christie's jewellery specialist Marie-Cécile Cisamolo and The Glitterati co-founder Melissa Wolfgang Amenc have a cocktail and chat about the inspiration and audacity behind the jewels of the 1970's.

Collect or Perish

March 8, 2021


Meet Valery Demure of Objet d'Emotion and Mimi Lipton: A Soul Seeker and an Avant-Garde Free Spirit, both passionate about life, jewellery and the world. Add Vanessa Cron - The Gem Whisperer - to the conversation and we have the trifecta of women who rock! Join The Glitterati, Valery, Vanessa and of course, Mimi, to shine a light on this extraordinary woman and her collection.


Vanessa, Mimi and Valery talk about Mimi's travels, the pieces she picked up along the way and the pieces that came to be so many years later.

La Panthère

May 6, 2021



Join The Glitterati with Pascale Lepeu, Curator of the Cartier Collection for a talk about  Jeanne Toussaint, the creative force behind some of Cartier's most iconic jewels. Revolutionary in every way, the famous "Toussaint Taste" was seen on some of the world's most stylish women; from bejewelled brocade handbags to creating jewels for Wallis Simpson, Barbara Hutton, Nina Dyer and Daisy Fellowes, to name only a few.

A trailblazer and an inspiration, a strong-willed woman and a legendary lady if there ever was one!

Shinde Jewels
May 18, 2022



Join The Glitterati with Reema Keswani, founder and owner of  New York based jewellery firm GOLCONDA and author of Shinde Jewels (Assouline, 2004). Her book traces the life of A.V. Shinde, a jewellery designer The New York Times called "a leading figure in design known only to cognoscenti." Shinde spent the first two decades of his career designing for Indian Maharajas and the next forty-five years as head designer for Harry Winston. She is Shinde's only authorised biographer and continues to manage his archives and steward his legacy.